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Located off the corner of Queens Quay W. & Lower Simcoe, Golden Hanger Cleaners is a leading name in quality dry cleaning.

Photos by Andrew Ko


Our new Golden Hanger Cleaners operation opened in 2017 and is located just off of Queens Quay W. and Lower Simcoe. It is currently being run by the founder of the company, Bong Ko, who started the drycleaning business in 1989. His expert knowledge in spotting and cleaning skills is due to his strong background in chemistry and experiences in the cleaning business. He is also a former staff member of the drycleaning education board in the Korean Drycleaning Association of Canada.

Golden Hanger Cleaners are concept stores where each store is individually owned and operated, but share the name and quality of service. Presently, there are 7 locations to serve you. All Golden Hanger Cleaners strive to achieve the following:

  • High Quality Service
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Excellent Counter Services


(416) 260 5656

this number is for the Queens Quay W. store. Refer to Hours & Locations to see more.


228 Queens Quay W Unit #4
Toronto, ON

Refer to Hours & Locations to see other locations.



Refer to Hours & Locations to see individual store hours.



Wet Clean

What is Wet Clean?

Wet clean is a controlled process of cleaning garments with water.  Specific temperature, duration, spin speed, mechanical action control and special wet cleaning soap and machine are required to provide wet cleaning process.
Wet cleaning allows you to clean your clothes without shrinkage and colour fade.

How is it Different from Laundry?

Ordinary washing machine basically has no control to temperature, spin speed and mechanical action.  The delicate material may shrink and colour may fade.  The water itself is a very strong chemical agent.  With water and strong detergent, colour of your garment may fade. The heat and mechanical action may cause shrinkage.
These problems have overcome with wet cleaning process.  Under controlled wet cleaning system, we could even wet clean wool to perfect finish.

Why do we Wet Clean?

Some garment is Wet Cleanable and it is a better process than drycleaning for that material.
We also wet clean when some stains cannot be removed by drycleaning alone.   If the garment has Dryclean Only label, we dryclean first. If the stain is very heavy and cannot be removed by spotting and cleaning, we give you an option to choose.  For example, cat pee odour cannot be removed by drycleaning.  If the garment is “dryclean only”, there is always some risk of damage and it is up to you to decide whether to take that risk.



High Quality Shirt Job

Pretreatment with Enzyme Soap

We pre-treat the Cuff & Collar with enzyme soap.  Enzyme soap is a patented technology that pre-treat the clothes by activating enzyme that act as colour safe oxygen bleach.  The old way of scrubbing Cuff & Collar may cause wear and tear while enzyme pre-treatment is a biological process that acts on dirt not on your clothes. Enzyme soap effect will keep your shirt looking better and last longer.


No more broken buttons

The Cuff & Collar Unit has spring pad system which protects your buttons. Recently, very thick shirts buttons with engraved logos are in fashion. 
Our shirt unit will protect your priceless buttons. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.  In case of mishap we will replace your buttons with standard shirts buttons for free.


Quality of Press

The Shirt Unit comes with a unique feature.  While it presses the body of shirts, it presses the pleats right above the cuff at the same time.  The finished product is incomparable to that of old shirts units.   With our extra hand touch ups, the quality of your shirts is simply “impeccable”.


Repair & Alterations


Not only do we do all types of Repair & Alteration, we do all types of fittings. Everyone have unique features and that make us unique and special from other people.  By refitting your generic standard manufactured garments, your special features could be enhanced with that perfect custom-made look. 


For your designer Jeans, keep that original factory made look with Euro hem when shortening. 


Hooks and Snaps problems?  
We may be able to solve your problems.  
We have many different types of hooks and snaps.




Hours & Locations


Golden Hanger Cleaners
(Queens Quay W. & Lower Simcoe St.)
228 Queens Quay W Unit #4
416) 260-5656

Mon - Fri  7:30am-7pm
Sat  8am-5pm
Sun  Closed




Golden Hanger Cleaners
(St. Clair West & Raglan)
3 Raglan Avenue
(647) 349-8700

Mon - Fri  7am-7pm
Sat  8am-5pm
Sun  Closed

Golden Hanger Cleaners
(Prince Edward & Dundas)
4200A Dundas Street W.
(416) 236-2366

Mon - Fri  7am-7pm
Sat  8am-6pm
Sun  Closed

Golden Hanger Cleaners & Crystal Coin Laundry
(Queen & Bellwood)
768 Queen Street, Rear Unit
(416) 504-5040

Mon - Fri  7:30am-7pm
Sat  8am-6pm
Sun  Closed

Golden Hanger Cleaners
(On Charles between Yonge and Bay)
730 Yonge Street, Unit #2
(416) 934-1913

Mon - Fri  7am-7pm
Sat  8am-6pm
Sun  Closed


Golden Hanger Cleaners
(Yonge & Davisville) 
1881 Yonge Street, Unit #2
(416) 484-8384

Mon - Fri  7am-7pm
Sat  8am-6pm
Sun  Closed


Golden Hanger Cleaners
(Wilmington & Sheppard)
852A Sheppard Avenue W.
(416) 638-7897

Mon - Fri  7am-7pm
Sat  8am-6pm
Sun  Closed

Golden Hanger Cleaners
(Avenue & Carrville)
361 Carrville Road, Unit #3
(905) 886-2372

Mon - Fri  9am-7pm
Sat  9am-5pm
Sun  Closed


Pick-Up and Delivery


Call or Text

(416) 554 0723


Simply leave a message with the dates for when you want your clothes to be picked up and when you want your clothes to be delivered.


Our pick-up and delivery pricing is the same as in-store:

Drycleaning Services

Pants   6.95
Skirt   6.95
Blouse   6.95
Sweater   6.95
2pc Suit   15.95
Jacket   9.50
Spring Coat   18.95
Winter Coat   22.95

Laundry Services

Dress Shirt   $2.60
Folded Shirt   3.50
Casual/Petite Shirts   4.50
T-Shirts   4.50
Shirt Minimum Charges   3.50

Alteration Services

Regular Pants Hemming   9.00

Delivery Fee:

Our delivery fee is $5.
Any order over $100 is free of charge.






Environmentally Certified

"This Certifies that Bong-Chun Ko has Successfully Completed the ENVIRONMENTAL DRY CLEANING Training course in management of solvents and wastes in connection with the operation of dry cleaning equipment. This course is approved by the Director under Ontario Regulation 323/94."